For the simultaneous administration of two or more fluids or medicines to patients, the concept of Stopcock was introduced to provide proper control over the flow of direction. A stopcock is a kind of valve used to control the flow of direction of liquids or gases. They are widely available in different designs or forms among which 3-way Stopcock is most commonly used for synchronous and continuous infusion of two fluids.

Our company MAIS INDIA is involved in a wide assortment of three-way stop cock and is made up of Medical Grade Biocompatible Polycarbonate with a transparent body that allows proper visualization of the flow of fluids. The cock is sterilized and it consists of 2 female Luer ports and a male Luer lock. All three ports are capped properly. It is used for intravenous blood transfusion or infusion of medicinal fluids, especially when there is the infusion of more than one fluid at a single time. It has mainly two-fold functions–

•  To serve as a protective stopper

•  Two additional ports for the administration of fluids

In addition to it, Our company, MAISWAY provides a three-way flow system with a 360degree smooth rotatable handle on the top and pressure handling capability of up to 10-12 bars for smooth, laminar, and leak-proof flow of fluids. Also, our company manufactures it in three other different forms (by subsequent modifications in its design and manufacturing) to meet the market demand and ensure all oversupply of the products at ease, which includes-

  • With Extension Tube (Maisway With Extension Tube)
  • Non-Lipid Resistant 3 Way Stop Cock (Maisway)
  • Lipid Resistant 3 Way Stopcock (Maisway Lipid Resistant)
  • BPA free stopcock

 It is available in three main varieties- Blue (for venous), Red (for arterial), and White (for special indication). The product is also available with lipid-resistant material, connected with a 6% leur device to make it compatible with a wide range of other medical equipment. Tyvek packaging is also available and is sterilized by Ethylene Oxide. The Three-way stopcock use is mostly in the ITU (Intensive Therapy unit), current pressure infusion systems, laparoscopic surgeries, intermittent drug administration, and all ward regions and our company make sure to follow Good Manufacturing Practices at its best prices.

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