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hemodialysis catheter
Double Lumen
11.5Fr x 13cm (Curved)
11.5Fr x 15cm (Straight)
Triple Lumen
12Fr x 13cm (Curved)
12Fr x 15cm (Straight)

Hemodialysis Catheter

Product Code : R0210002XX (Double Curved), R0210002XX (Double Straight), R0220002XX (Triple Curved), R0220001XX (Triple Straight)

Mais India has vast industrial knowledge and is an experienced hemodialysis catheter manufacturer that exports the best products to users. This catheter is created using a plastic tube that functions as fluids and a conduit for contrast and to manage pressure during cardiac catheterization of the left ventricle and coronary arteries.


1. Flexible polyurethane material
2. Rotatable suture hub
3. Single dilator with gradually varied O.D
4 Anti Kink, Leakage Proof
5. Sterile, individually packed

Kit Contents

• Radio-opaque polyurethane Hemodialysis catheter
• J/St tip ninitol guide wire with advancer & extra soft tip
• Disposable Syringe 5ml with extra clear visibility
• Guiding Syringes 5ml allows insertion through
syringe plunger
• Injection Caps
• Easy to use 11# scalpel blade
• Drape Sheet
• Introducer needle that offers Quick & smooth insertion
• Long tapered tip dilator with stopper to avoid over
• Surgical Suture
• Patient ID card

The Hemodialysis Catheter is used in the clinical peripheral vascular system to replicate infusion/ blood transfusion, insertion, emergency rescue and parenteral nutrition. Mais India, a leading Hemodialysis catheter Supplier, created products using medical-grade Polyethylene material and other substances by complying with industrial regulations. The product has two tips, Radiopaque and atraumatic, for easy transfer without causing any harm to intimate. Also, it includes a double inner mesh of wire that improves maximum efficiency, stability and torque. 

Furthermore, the demand for catheters for catheters is high in the medical world, and they are easy to use. Due to the high demand, our company is a top Hemodialysis catheter exporter that quickly fills the equipment shortage in the medical sector. 

hemodialysis catheter manufacturer
Frequently Asked Questions
Q1. How long the catheter should be left in for dialysis?

Non–cuffed tunneled catheters are used in times of emergency and for short durations like up to 3 weeks.

It is always crucial to handle catheter hubs carefully. Once it gets disinfected, don’t allow the catheter to touch a nonsterile surface.

It is used while other forms of dialysis access, such as arteriovenous (AV) fistulas, are unsuitable or waiting for this permanent access to mature.

The catheter is inserted through a large vein, usually by local anesthesia. The process includes sterilizing the insertion site, inserting a catheter in the skin into a vein and placing it with sutures or dressing.

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