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Endotracheal tubes defination:

The Endotracheal Tube is a medical device manufactured by Mais India, the leading manufacturer and global supplier of medical equipment in India. The product is designed to give secure airway management during surgical or critical conditions. The tube is placed into the windpipe or trachea via the mouth or nose, which helps patients to breathe. Then, the tube is connected to a breathing device or ventilator that provides oxygen to the lungs. This tube will protect the lungs from germs and contamination of gastric and nasopharyngeal matter like blood. 

Mais India – Endotracheal Tube manufacturer will ensure the product is designed using high–quality medical grade and clear PVC, which is not poisonous or irritating and ensures patient comfort and safety. The kink-resistant, thin-walled thermo-sensitive endotracheal tube smoothens at the body temperature. The tube comes in multiple sizes and shapes, but its fundamental concept is similar to everyone’s. Our commitment and creativity have made us an Endotracheal Tube supplier in healthcare. 

The Endotracheal Tube is a significant tool that ensures proper ventilation for patients undergoing surgery. Our dedication to excellence makes us a top choice of Endotracheal Tube exporter among healthcare providers seeking reliable airway management solutions. 


  • Plain and Cuffed Endotracheal tube
  • Size available Endotracheal tube (plain): 2.0 mm-5.0 mm bore with 0.5mm stage
  • Size available Endotracheal tube (cuffed): 5.0 mm-10.0 mm bore with 0.5mm stage

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Endotracheal Tube Cuffed
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