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Mais Ligation Clips

Product Code : E0100101XX, E0110101XX

• Mais Ligation Clips are Sterile, single-patient-use clips
manufactured from high quality titanium.
• The V-shaped clip designed for ligation of tubular structures.
• Supplied sterile and are used for ligation of organs and vessels in
laparoscopic as well as open surgery.
• Appliers are available in a wide variety of jaw types and Applier lengths.
• Pure Titanium providing maximum vessel occlusion and zero memory
preventing tip opening after application.
• Biologically inert radiolucent and non-magnetic for use with MRI scanning equipment.
• Open Appliers colour coded for ease of identification 45cm Endoscopic Appliers for
Bariatric surgery offering extended reach
Endoscopic Ligation Clips (Polymer)
• Ligation Clips are made of non-absorbable polymer, inert, non-toxic and
well tolerated by the body, highly resistant in time.
• Flexible design of the arms to allow ‘optimal fit on vessels.
• Flexible hinge that allows easy opening and closing.
• Integrated teeth to ensure greater stability and prevent slippage on the tissue.
• Distinct tactile feedback confirms jaw seating and secure vessel placement.
• Bosses are designed to securely retain clip in applier jaws.
• Applicators for open and endoscopic surgery equipped with precision
• anchoring system that allows clips to remain stable without risk of accidental loss.
Loaders and applicators with code colour for easy identification.
• Non-Absorbable polymer is inert, nonconductive, radiolucent and does not interfere
with CT, MRI, or X-ray diagnostics.

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