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Disposable Pressure Transducer

Product Code : I2010001XX

• Medical pressure transducers are specialized medical transducers that can
sense pressure and convert it into digital or other types of output signals.
• Compatible with wide range of monitors in a simple way: the variety is
complete and can be used in conjunction with various monitors at home
and abroad (including Mindray, Philips, etc.)
• Applicable to multiple clinical departments: anesthesiology, ICU, cardiology,
catheterization laboratory, etc.
• Accurate and consistent real-time invasive blood pressure measurement;
• Clear fluid pathway enables priming during monitoring;
• Versatile and easy to use Snap-Tab flush device, which is very friendly to nurses
who are the device operators usually
• The amount of blood required to measure blood pressure is 20%-30% of that of the ordinary type.
• Available in single lumaen and double lumen

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