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IV Infusion Set:

Mais India is well known Quality IV Infusion Set Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter. We provide IV Set with/without Airvent, with flow regulator, with micro drip and so on. An IV set, also known as an intravenous set, is a medical device that helps healthcare professionals deliver fluids, medications, or nutrients directly into a person’s bloodstream It looks like a special tube with a needle at one end and a bottle with water or chemicals on the other.


Single use, sterile and non-pyrogenic.
Gravity Feed
Transparent and flexible drip chamber for easy fluid adjustment and drop count
15-micron fluid filter in drip chamber
Soft and kink resistant PVC tubing ensures accurate uniform flow rate without restriction
Strong self sealing latex free bulb
Fine roller clamp enables easy, safe control and adjustment of fluid rates
Tube length: 150 cm
Tube dia - Int. » 3.0mm & Ext. » 4.1mm

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Maisfusion Set With Microdrip
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It provides a mode to infuse medication or replace fluids throughout the body from sterile glass vacuum IV bags or bottles.

Two types of IV infusion sets are used.

  1. Vented IV Infusion set
  2. Non-vented IV Infusion set

IV sets are used for the controlled infusion of medications for long periods of time.

Micro-drip infusion sets are used to deliver small amount of medication.

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