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Surgery and drainage system devices allow removal of fluid, blood, pus, and/or gas from a wound or body cavity. It helps in the healing process by removing inflammatory mediators, bacteria, foreign material, and necrotic tissue.

Surgical drain inserted after surgery to drain out accumulated body fluid which becomes the focus of infection. We offer a Yankauer suction set, associate in nursing oral suctioning tool utilized in medical procedures. Quality of our merchandise is in accordance with international standards.


It allows the fluid to flow out from the body cavity by creating suction.

Plastic Surgery, Pancreatic Surgery, Chest Drainage, Orthopedic Procedures etc.

Two types- Active drains are sustained under suction. Passive drains are work as per the differential pressure between body cavities and the exterior.

It should be removed once the drainage has stopped or becomes less than about 25 ml/day.

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