Intravenous administration of fluids, drugs, and nutrients is very common in hospitals when a patient is unable to take the medicine orally. IV Cannula / IV Catheter is often a first-line invasive technique, in which the needle (surrounded by flexible tube) is inserted into a specific vein, usually those in the lower arm, including metacarpals. It ensures the appropriate administration of fluids, medicines, nutrients, blood products through the systemic circulation.

IV Cannula is usually inserted for short-term therapy or infusions as well as for bolus injections. Our company, MAIS India manufactures the product in different sizes (from 14 to 26G), lengths (from 19 to 45 mm), compositions and designs (injection ports and wings), etc to meet the ongoing demands of the market. It is also made available in different colors as per the standards (depending upon their size) for easy identification. There are mainly two types of catheters available based on their composition-

  • FEP(Fluorinated Ethylene)
  • PUR (Polyurethane)

As they are composed of soft, non-irritant, radiopaque materials and offer no resistance to blood flow, it decreases the chances of thrombophlebitis (inflammation due to blood clot). MAISFLON manufactures the simple IV Cannula with injection port and wings that have been specially designed with the beveled back-cut needle which offers lower penetration force and causes less pain to the patient. The complete body is made transparent with a flashback chamber for easy visualization and confirmation of vein penetration. An injection port with a unilateral silicone injection valve is designed for intermittent administration of medications. The wings provide extra grip while insertion and helps the device to stick on the skin. It is also covered with tight capping that prevents the patient from any kind of contamination.  The largest cannula(14–16 gauge) should be used for the infusion of viscous fluids such as blood, or for rapid infusions. The smallest cannulae (20–24 gauge) are adequate for the intermittent administration of drugs (except those that must be given by rapid infusion). Due to its wide applications, MAIS India ensures its wide accessibility and produces it at its best quality and prices confirming international standards.

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