Change is the law of nature and we are constantly changing with the changing environment. It is a welcoming feature in a view to getting better than before. Changes in technology have brought far-reaching transformation in our lives and leave a huge impact on our minds. One such change adopted that has largely helped the medical staff to perform Intravenous therapies conveniently is with the use of Safety IV Cannula/ Catheter.

Intravenous Cannulation is the process in which the needle of the catheter or cannula is inserted into a vein of a particular size (depending upon the age of the patient and severity of illness) followed by the administration of medicines, fluids directly into the bloodstream. As this process involves puncturing the vein with an IV Cannula, it should be of good quality such that it ensures safe transmission of medicines directly into the bloodstream. However, there are many instances where poor quality products cause accidental needle injuries, infections both to the patient and healthcare providers. Hence to eliminate this risk, a safety IV Catheter with an injection port and wings has been designed with an innovative safety feature that provides complete protection from any kind of needle injuries.

It is more reliable and easy to use than the normal IV Cannula and its specially designed beveled back-cut needle offers lower penetration force which is less painful to the patient. Adding on to its advantages, it also has a transparent flashback chamber for confirmation of vein penetration. The Safety I.V Cannula has wings that provide extra support while insertion along with an additional injection port for the infusion of fluids/ medicines without interfering with the current ongoing therapy. 

Thus we find it worth using after knowing the importance of advanced safety features for the wellbeing of nursing staff and patients and our company MAISSAFE manufactures it at the best prices without compromising the quality conforming to the international standards.

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