If we talk about the Yankauer suction set tips it’s a suctioning device that is used for medical procedures. It’s typically a sturdy suction tip made of plastic with an opening large enough to be with the bulbous head. It’s designed to provide efficient suction without causing damage to the tissue. It is utilized to suction the secretions of the oropharynx to avoid aspiration. A Yankauer can also be utilized to eliminate surgical areas during surgical procedures. its suctioned volumes are can be counted as blood loss during surgery.

This Yankauer suction set is a suctioning device for the oral cavity that is used for medical procedures. It’s typically a sturdy plastic tip that has an enormous opening that is surrounded by an adjustable head. It is designed to allow powerful forces without harming the surrounding tissues. It is employed to suction oropharyngeal secretion or to remove the surgical area of blood, fluid gas, pus or an injury or body cavity.

What is the use of Yankauer suction set?

Yankauer suction sets are used to eliminate fluids and blood during surgery. Our Yankauer Suction set can be utilized for general suction purposes in addition. It has an extremely rigid, transparent suction handle with bulb/plain edge. It is available with or without control vents.

How to use Yankauer suction set?

When we Inject yankauer catheter, and then apply suction by covering your thumb’s hole. The catheter is positioned along the indentation from the gum line up to the pharynx, in an arc, while keeping the yankauer in motion. Instruct the patient to cough. The movement prevents the catheter from sucking to the mucosa in the mouth, inflicting trauma on the tissues

Features of Yankauer suction set

  • Yankaur Suction Set is suitable to remove easily blood, blood, and other debris as per the procedure.
  • The complete set includes Yankaur Suction Tip, mounted on a two-meter tube ribbed with Universal connectors on both sides.
  • Complete set of other types of Suction tips is available on request.
  • “Universal connectors” are made of soft PVC in order to allow for the Suction tips on one end and the majority of connectors for Suction Apparatus on the other end.
  • Ribbed tube is kink-resistant and can resist suction

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