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We are always changing to keep up with the changes in the world. It is an encouraging feature that allows us to improve our lives. Technology has made a profound impact on our lives and our minds. The use of a Safety IV Cannula has significantly improved the efficiency and convenience of intravenous therapy.

What is Safety IV Cannula?

Safety IV Cannula is used to provide intravenous/intravascular access for short-term peripheral cannulation and infusion of medication. The trained personnel of medical facilities can use Safety I V Cannula. Safety I V Cannula has a safety device SAFETY SIP CLIP that encapsulates the tip when the introducer needle is removed from the Catheter. Post Cannulation prevents accidental needle stick injuries provided that safe and effective working practices are followed and precautions are taken during disposal. SIP: Sharps Injury Protection.

It is very important to ensure that the product is good in quality.

Intravenous Cannulation refers to when the needle or catheter is inserted into a vein of a specific size, depending on the severity of the illness and the patient’s age. Then the fluids and medicines are administered directly into the bloodstream. Because this involves the needle being inserted into a vein using an IV Cannula, it must be of good quality to safely transmit medicines to the bloodstream. Poor quality products can cause needle injuries and infections in patients and healthcare professionals. A safety IV Catheter equipped with injection ports and wings has been developed to protect patients from needle injuries.

How Does Safety IV Cannula Help ?

This IV Cannula is safer and easier to use than regular ones. The needle’s bevelled, back-cut design allows for a lower penetration force and is, therefore, less painful. It also features a transparent flashback chamber that confirms vein penetration. Safety I.V Cannula features wings that provide additional support during insertion and an additional injection port to allow for fluids/ medicines to be instilled without interfering with current therapy.

Evolution of Safety IV Cannula

If we talk about the Evolution of Safety IV Cannula, the Well cannula is designed to prevent needle pricking injuries. It uses micro-processed needles to create a mechanism that completely prevents needle pricks. The mechanism automatically covers the needle’s point with a metal cover when it is pulled out. Although needle prick injuries are a serious problem in hospitals, each company has tried a variety of countermeasures. However, the effectiveness of this product is obvious as it is a safe piece, and also feels clean.

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