IV flow regulators


Today’s IV market is crowded with pharmacies, clinics, and home infusion businesses looking for economical alternatives to provide continuous infusions to patients. IV flow regulators are an attractive option.

A flow regulator, also known as a dial-a-flow or a dial-a-flow, regulates fluid flow through an IV to maintain a constant flow rate. The IV flow regulator tubing and extension sets dial-a-flow are cost-saving alternatives to an infusion pump. They also provide free-flow protection.

Although flow regulators don’t offer the same consistency as pole-mounted or ambulatory infusion pumps, many manufacturers have managed to get the accuracy within an acceptable range of 10%. Clinical teams don’t need to be trained to use flow regulators with infusion patients. They are easy to install and can be used immediately. These devices can be hindered by certain factors, such as medication type, patient symptoms, and environment.


  • More precise than a gravity IV
  • Simple to learn and implement
  • Less expensive than maintaining an ambulatory infusion pump
  • There are many configurations available based on the current IV standards
  • No device tracking needed


  • Not as precise as an ambulatory infusion pump
  • Unproperly used can cause to leak.
  • Slower Delivery of Specific Medication
  • Regulated manually
  • It is not reimbursable because it isn’t considered a medical device

Right Way Medical has recently expanded our private label inventory with a safe flow regulator set, RWM-IFR01; increasing product availability for home infusion pharmacies and long-term care.

Recently, we added item RWM–IFR01 to the private label selection. It can also be found within our Crysis Kit ( CKU RWM–69K-CLYS ).


The clamp can be used for IV infusions and transfusions. It has an on/off function that allows fluid to flow through the clamp without fluid contact.


A flow regulator is an IV component that controls fluid flow in the line without fluid contact.


IV regulator

Clamps and flow regulation were designed to control fluid transfer rates in infusion equipment. They can be used safely and won’t puncture the flexible tube during operation.

  • Pinch clamp
  • Slide clamp

Roller clamp, Flow regulator

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